Top MBA programmes in Porto 2022

Portugal: The new land of opportunity

A country blessed with unique culture and history; this European country has massive potential. According to the OECD, Portugal ranks consistently high across various dimensions of the Better Life Index. In housing safety and environmental quality, Portugal outperforms fellow OECD members (OECD, n.d.). Economically, Portugal is the 34th most competitive in the world and has experienced a 4.9% GDP growth in the year 2021 (World Bank, 2022). Moreover, according to the 2022 passport rankings, the Portuguese passport is the 5th most valuable in the world (TPN, 2022).

The higher education system in Portugal follows the traditional format. Courses are divided into Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate. Being a signatory of the Bologna Process, Portugal maintains an extremely high standard of higher education (educations, n.d.).

About Porto Business School

Founded in 1988, the Porto Business School has made a name for itself by being recognized as one of the best business schools in the world by reputed publications like Financial Times and the QS World University Rankings. Furthermore, PBS is one of the few institutions in the world to receive a triple accreditation. PBS offers 3 choices for its MBA programme. The content of this blog aims to help prospective students in choosing the programme that fits their preferences.

The International MBA or The Magellan MBA

The International MBA of Porto Business School was designed keeping in mind the growing need of a global mindset in the modern-day workplace. This 13-month full-time programme is a truly unique experience with extracurricular activities and networking opportunities. Students learn from best faculty and get the opportunity to attend International Immersion Week at world class global universities. This MBA degree has high industry acceptance with 75% obtaining employment within 3 months, 93% within 6 months, and 50% making a career shift. The investment on IMBA is 26,000 Euros with a very high ROI. 

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The Executive MBA

Designed for business executives and managers who want to pursue further growth in the business world, the Executive MBA programme equips students with the necessary tools to effectively manage and grow their business. Combining world class teaching expertise, courses designed to enhance student leadership in collaboration with the Boyden Global Executive Search, and an international week in the U.S.A., this 18-month full-time programme is an opportunity for executives to upskill and network to meet the changing business needs of tomorrow. The fee for this programme is 26,000 Euros.

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The Digital MBA

For all professionals who seek flexibility and customization while you study, the Digital MBA programme was designed for you. It is one of the best online MBA programmes, allowing you to work at your own pace whenever you want. Students can opt for a blended learning approach where you begin in the Digital MBA program and attend term 3 or 4 in the International MBA programme at the PBS campus. With the Digital MBA, you, a proud alumni of PBS will learn and understand the evolving business world from the best faculty at your convenience. The investment of this program is 21,000 Euros.

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There’s something for everyone at the Porto Business School. No matter what you choose, you will receive a degree from one of Europe’s most prestigious business schools and be a part of a growing alumni network with over 10,000 alumni around the world. You will also have a chance to earn a placement in one of the 40 largest national and multinational PBS partner companies.

Portugal is truly a dynamic country which is also the cheapest country in Europe to live in, ranked 4th in the Global Peace Index, 7th in World English Proficiency, and 35th in terms of working abroad (Lal, 2022). It is the perfect place to be if you are an international student. So what are you waiting for? Come to Portugal and study at PBS to secure your future today. Click here to start your journey with PBS!


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