About The Igesia Academy

    The Igesia Academy aims to usher in a transformative, impact-based education from the top academic minds across the world, for aspiring leaders. The higher education courses focus on high value-driven curriculum in subjects that range from Strategy, Leadership, Cyber Security, Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Design thinking and Management, to name a few. What differentiates The Academy from the rest is the highly immersive and synchronous learning experience that ensures that you are interacting with elite global faculty in real-time. Apart from this, the academy also offers a dynamic Learning Management System (LMS) for the students to keep a track of the curriculum, alongside the obvious benefits of connecting the students with a community of learners spanning across several continents.

    About Igesia

    As the world moves towards a blended future, Igesia provides a unique integrated platform across in-person, live synchronous and asynchronous modes of interaction and learning. Build a custom platform by mixing and matching specific components to fit your needs. Provide valuable services. Measure key metrics. Engage your community.