The EU Advantage: 6 Reasons Why European MBAs Edge out the Competition

With job markets stabilizing, global MBA programmes are making a comeback. Due to the vast array of executive education programmes on offer, choosing the one which suits you may be quite a challenge. Competition between international MBA programmes from European countries and the United States is stiff. The information given below will assist readers in understanding the edge European MBAs possess over their U.S. counterparts.

The EU Advantage

Though there are various similarities between European and American global MBAs, there are a multitude of reasons why European MBAs are currently sought after. A few of them are given below:

  1. Time efficient programmes

Most MBA programmes in European business schools are designed for completion in just under a year. This means that graduates get a better return on their investment and will be able to return to their careers as soon as possible.

  1. Developing a global outlook

European business schools are incredibly diverse where students from all over the world belonging to different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and countries are encouraged to apply. Students learn to explore and understand diverse cultures while also obtaining the knowledge required to deal with others in a culturally sensitive manner – an essential aspect for the business environment of today. Students get to build a strong network of business leaders based around the world and get the opportunity to translate that into long-standing business partnerships.

  1. Easier work permit visa

Visa restrictions commonly dissuade individuals looking to study and work in the U.S.A. On the other hand, European countries are offering attractive post-study work visas to students who have graduated and are looking to strengthen their portfolio by working in E.U. countries.

  1. Career opportunities

According to Yahoo! Finance, almost 94% of MBA graduates from European business schools received job offers within just 90 days of applying to companies (Ethier, 2022). Students of the PBS IMBA programme were also met with immense success as 73% of students had a new job within 3 months after graduation while 85% had a new job 6 months after graduation.

In addition, European MBA programmes give students the opportunity to work outside of Europe owing to their developed network of MNCs around the world. PBS has long standing partnerships with 40 national and multinational companies which regularly hire PBS graduates. In contrast, an MBA student from the U.S. usually has the limitation of working exclusively in America. For students who expect global exposure after graduation, European MBAs provide a significant advantage.

  1. Variety and potential for specialization

European MBA programmes are diverse. Prospective students can choose from IMBA, GMBA, EMBA, etc. in most European business schools. While American MBAs focus on trends in the technology sector, European MBA programmes offer a wide range of specializations in diverse growing fields like fintech, blockchain, and e-commerce. 

  1. Affordability

The tuition fees for most MBA programmes in Europe are usually lesser than the corresponding courses in the U.S.A.  According to SBC, lower tuition costs were a major reason for applying for a global MBA from a European university for 48% of respondents (Stacy Blackman Consulting, 2021). The PBS IMBA programme fee ranges from 18,200 euros (early bird) to 26,000 euros excluding scholarships. When you factor in living expenses, the difference in cost is even more profound. As a result, without splurging your entire life savings, you have access to a high quality education with European MBAs. 

An MBA from a European university is future-proof. With the modern curriculums, excellent teaching, diversity, and a variety of specialization choices, European MBAs are growing in popularity owing to the advanced business knowledge that they impart to future executives. As the world is becoming more dynamic and global thinking skills are established as a norm for obtaining employment opportunities, European MBAs are slowly becoming the new global standard for future business leaders around the world.


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