Digital MBA : The new Paradigm for career redevelopment

In the past, MBA degrees were restricted to on-campus learning. Prospective students had to put their careers on hold and spend quite a lot of money to begin their full-time MBA journey. Due to a surge in the popularity of remote learning methods during the pandemic, digital MBAs became commonplace. Now, online MBAs are considered as great alternatives to the traditional format allowing professionals to learn at their own pace without stopping their career progression.  The added ease and flexibility of acquiring a world-class degree from the comfort and safety of a person’s own home is a major plus point for global digital MBAs. This has led to a largely uniform consensus of global digital MBAs being the new paradigm which will disrupt the entire higher education sector.

 The new paradigm

Global digital MBAs have experienced steady growth from 2016. COVID was a boon for many of these programmes as the number of applications rose by 43.5% (Moules, 2021). Professionals believe that digital MBA programmes allow increased flexibility and are more cost-effective compared to the traditional format (Murray, 2022).

According to a survey conducted by Financial Times, personal development was the most popular reason behind opting for the programme followed by an increase in salary. Confidence, perseverance, listening skills, and time management are some of the many skills that students learn from these programmes.

Global digital MBAs have managed to carve out a market of their own with dedicated rankings for these programmes. They are more rigorous in nature and urge students to think out of the box when undergoing the programme to expand their knowledge.

Diversity and employability skills

Diversity is a selling point as professionals have the opportunity to interact and network with individuals from around the world. The digital collaboration and experience of doing virtual projects allows students to learn how to effectively function in global teams, preparing them for the future of work.

Another defining feature of online global MBAs is the emphasis on observation and dynamic leadership which play a monumental role, especially in times of crisis situations in companies. Many universities also offer lifelong career coaching and support as part of their global digital MBA package which allows students to learn important aspects of adaptive leadership and obtain a more holistic understanding of the subjects they learn, further enhancing their hard and soft skills and preparing them for their careers (Orta, 2022).

The future

Modern research has identified ways in which online global MBAs could evolve with technology and provide even greater benefits to students. It revolves around the concept of hybrid learning whereby digital and physical modes are integrated with the power of artificial intelligence to make the learning experience increasingly personalized and adaptive. This approach would allow students to experience the best of all worlds, increasing efficacy and accessibility at the same time which ultimately opens up a world of opportunities for professional career development.

Global digital MBAs are truly disrupting the conventional view of an MBA degree. With an increasing number of applicants and less barriers to entry, these programmes are expected to experience further growth in the coming years. The online global MBA has introduced prospective students to a world of opportunities that were previously impossible to think of and it is well on track to being a solid investment for career redevelopment.


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