Innovation Management: Strategy & Execution

    Learn the secrets to systematically make innovation work in the real world

    In an enterprising world, innovation holds the key to the future Develop the skills you need to foster innovation and creativity in your organization as this course takes you through the entire process of concept, development and disruption.

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    21st October 2021
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    Innovation has become critical for winning in the marketplace. Several forces of change including technological progress, demographic shifts, changing customer demands and global competition have increased the need for companies to excel in innovation. Enhancing the innovation readiness of firms requires a multi-faceted approach that touches upon all aspects of business strategy and a rigorous discipline in execution.


    Innovation today extends from new products and services to include new business models and new ecosystems. Organizations have to innovate in both incremental steps and also be ready to leverage opportunities for disruptive innovation. Successful innovation strategies are born out of an innovative culture and an investment in creative people. Succeeding in a rapidly changing world will require both leadership in innovative products, services and business models and an inspirational leadership style to be bold, take risks and win in the marketplace.


    What you will learn:

    The goal of this course is to provide an effective combination of theory and practice in the management of innovation. Lectures and case studies will provide a rich forum for in-class discussions. You will assemble key insights along three important dimensions

    • Creativity and ideation
      The program will describe approaches to enhancing creativity and the process of ideating new products and services. Approaches such as design thinking and Blue Ocean strategy will be highlighted as approaches to enhancing creativity and coming up with new products and service ideas
    • Innovative readiness 
      Companies have to work on multiple dimensions to enhance their innovation readiness. Investments in human talent have to be complemented by new processes and appropriate technologies
    • Innovation Leadership
      Rigorous and disciplined execution is essential for innovation leadership. The program will outline the key essentials of managing the innovation process and also describe strategies adopted by different firms to drive innovation such as the creation of innovation labs and corporate ventures.

    Upon completion of the program, you will be ready to apply your knowledge to lead strategic decision making to leverage AI technologies in your business.

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    Record of Participation

    Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a Record of Participation from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension.

    You can share your Record of Participation in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.



    Program Structure

    During the program you will have the chance to learn from world class faculty through live virtual lectures delivered from the USA on the Igesia learning platform. You will interact with industry executives and better understand ongoing trends in Indian and global business. You will be given the opportunity to work in groups on projects of relevance to your business contexts



    You will be welcomed to the program and start connecting with fellow participants in the program and get an overview of the forthcoming program. You will also start forming teams and start considering questions to explore in your customized project work.


    Module 1

    Landscape of innovation management

    This first module of the course will present a broad overview of trends and directions in innovation management. Key drivers of innovation will be described including technological disruptions, changing millennial expectations and intensifying global competition. Relevant approaches will be described and their practical implications in different business domains will be explored.

    Live Virtual Session with Industry Expert


    Module 2

    Market and technology driven innovations

    Innovative products and services can arise from either leveraging fundamental technolog ical breakthroughs or by understanding the needs of customers which are new or unmet. Specific tools and techniques that can be used to identify such innovations will be described in this module.

    Live Virtual Group Work led by Program Coach


    Module 3

    Business model innovations

    This module of the program will focus on how organizations can build new business models to win in the competitive global marketplace. Firms have to creatively integrate customer needs within a flexible ecosystem of partners and competitors for successful innovation.

    Live Virtual Session with Industry Expert


    Module 4

    Building an agile and learning organization

    Succeeding in innovation requires a flexible and agile organization. Organizational silos have to be broken down and cross-functional team work encouraged. Processes have to become flexible based on data based experimentation. Learning has to be designed into the DNA of the organization

    Live Virtual Group Work led by Program Coach


    Module 5

    Winning with innovation

    This concluding module of the program will focus on enhancing the innovation readiness of your firm. You have to be prepared to leverage disruptive trends in technology and society to innovate and win in the global marketplace. You will explore how you can provide the vision and lead the change to achieve these goals.

    Post Program

    Record of participation from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension 

    + Knowledge updates + Alumni Community + Social interactions

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